Follow These 5 Top Content Marketing Strategies, Generate More Leads!

Digital Marketing experts employ many path-breaking strategies to generate leads and improve business. While some of them are paid ones, some of them aren’t.
Many industry experts claim that paid marketing fetches better results and is faster as well.

Is it true?


Free Digital Marketing strategies–if followed rightly–can fetch better results and generate higher leads.

For example, let’s take the case of Content Marketing!

It’s 3 times more effective, vis-à-vis paid search. It’s far less costly as well. Besides, you don’t have to proffer freebies and discount codes for e-mail and other important details of your prospects & visitors. In addition, it’s easy to start, and much more popular with clients.

No wonder, as high as 88% of the B2B marketers rely on the Content Marketing tool even while as high as 96% of the first-time visitors don’t buy your products, or use your services straightway, without, at first, checking-out competition, and discovering which brands suit them the most.

Now the important question: what exactly Content Marketing is?

It’s a kind of marketing that requires you to generate and share valued, appropriate, and consistent online content, through videos, webinars, blogs, social media posts, and infographics. Though these don’t openly promote a brand, these DO–in many cases–arouse interest in your products and/or services.

The goal behind Content Marketing remains to entice and retain a clearly defined readers – and, eventually, to spur gainful customer action.

Content Marketing: What strategies to follow for lead generation?

Follow these 5 proven strategies for a highly effective lead generation exercise:

1. Build social reputation: Publish long and well researched content to emerge as an industry leader, and enjoy a good reputation in your niche. Posting and sharing bigger, braver and bolder content will help you win trust and draw potential customers and niche audiences towards your brand. To build and grow your social reputation, take the help of the different popular social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook. Social media will help you locate your community, promote better relationships, and build a society you may trust. Going social will also make your brand become more personal and powerful.
2. Publish appropriate and right content: With right pages, carrying relevant right content, you can target the right audiences and prospects, and motivate them to share their personal details, including e-mail and phone numbers.
3. Provide useful content in exchange for vital statistics: Carry in-depth and appropriate content but don’t reveal complete content, if your readers are unwilling to provide their e-mail ids or phone numbers. For this, though, you will have to publish highly engaging and effective content. If your content isn’t interesting or useful enough, your readers won’t read it further, and not share the data either which you could be seeking for lead generation.
4. Connect with your readers on an emotional level: Trigger your readers’ and prospects’ emotions, through engaging content, and the right timing. If you manage to do so, they will do what you may want them to do, and respond to your Call to Action (CTA).
5. Get them to speak: Inspire your readers and prospects to like and share your pages, and post comments on them as well. When your targeted groups get involved–through shares, likes and comments–your posts will not only become viral, you will also get useful data. You will learn about their age brackets, social & economic backgrounds, expenditure, etc.

Summing-up, follow these 5 most important Content Marketing Strategies, and generate more business leads online!


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