All you need to know about Hurghada ; A magnificent touristic city in Egypt

Hurghada is a metropolis in Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate. It is one of the country’s fundamental visitor centres positioned at the Red Sea coast.


Hurghada changed into based withinside the early twentieth century. For many a long time it changed into a small fishing village, however it has grown into a large Red Sea hotel with Egyptian and foreign funding began in the 1980s. Holiday accommodations and resorts offer centers for windsurfing, kitesurfing, yachting, scuba diving and snorkeling. The metropolis is thought for its watersports, nightlife and heat weather. Daytime temperatures are round maximum of the 12 months, and at some point of July and August temperatures can attain over. Hurghada is a famous vacation vacation spot for Europeans, specially at some point of the winter, and a few spend Christmas and New Year there. Tourist numbers from Russia dropped considerably after the Metrojet Flight 9268 aircraft crash in November 2015.

Hurghada extends for approximately alongside the coast, however does now no longer attain some distance into the encompassing wasteland. The hotel is a vacation spot for Egyptian vacationers from Cairo, the Delta and Upper Egypt, in addition to bundle vacation vacationers from Europe. Hurghada has a populace of 248,000 and is split into:

El Ahia and El Helal – the northern partEl Dahar – the vintage metropolis

Sakala – the metropolis middle

El Kawsar – the present day part

El Mamsha – a pedestrianised road with a duration of over

Many of Hurghada’s more recent resorts, restaurants, and stores are positioned alongside El Mamsha. Most of the latest and biggest inn accommodations are positioned withinside the vicinity among Mamsha and Sahl Hasheesh on El Mamsha. Beyond Sahl Hasheesh there are the resorts of Makadi Bay. Dahar is the oldest a part of the metropolis in which the metropolis’s conventional bazaar, the put up workplace and the lengthy-distance bus stations are situated. The busiest vicinity is Sakala, the “metropolis middle” on Sheraton Road, in which there are resorts, stores and restaurants.

The metropolis is served via way of means of the Hurghada International Airport with scheduled passenger site visitors connecting to Cairo and immediately to numerous towns in Europe.  A new terminal changed into opened in 2015 to house growing site visitors.


The village, which later developed into what’s now the metropolis of Hurghada, changed into first settled in 1905. It obtained its call from a plant which has grown there evidently for the reason that days of Ancient Egypt. Originally Hurghada changed into a fishing village. Oil changed into found withinside the vicinity in 1913, and in 1921 British oil businesses started out its manufacturing and export.However, during the reign of King Farouk, a recreation center was built within the metropolisafter President Nasser’s nationalization of Egypt’s industries it changed into reallocated to the Egyptian Armed Forces. During the War of Attrition between Israel and Egypt, the island of Shadwan in the Red Sea  east ofthe metropolis changed into fortified via way of means of Egyptian troops and used as a radar put up.  On 22 January 1970 the island changed into the web website online of Operation Rhodes, a helicopter attack via way of means of Israeli troops who occupied it for 36 hours.

In September 1994 drive-via way of means of shooters killed  Egyptians and a German visitor; some other The German boy was injured in the attack and died of his injuries after returning to Germany.

The 2016 Hurghada assault changed into resulting from  terrorists who had been stimulated via way of means of the jihadist institution Islamic State. Three vacationers had been wounded. On Bastille Day 2017, withinside the 2017 Hurghada assault, a person declared that he desired to kill best non-Egyptians. He stabbed seven lady vacationers: 5 German, one Czech and one Armenian. Two of the German girls had been killed. The Czech visitor died later in hospital. The assault passed off at  separate hotel resorts.


Hurghada’s foremost enterprise is overseas and home tourism, as a result of its landscape, 12 months-spherical warm and dry weather and lengthy beaches. Its waters are clean and calm for maximum of the 12 months and feature emerge as famous for water-sports, specially scuba diving and snorkelling.

There are diving webweb sites round Abu Ramada Island, Fanadir, Giftun Kebir, and Giftun Soraya. Tourists additionally go to shipwrecks which includes the El Mina or the Rosalie Moller. The seaside at Hurghada is busy and public, and past the metropolis the coast street passes via vacation villages set withinside the wasteland.

In a 2016 assault and once more in a 2017 assault overseas vacationers at Hurghada’s seaside accommodations had been centered via way of means of terrorists. Russian girls staying in Hurghada frequently marry Egyptian guys via an process.

In 2017, the Russian Consulate changed into open in Hurghada.


Hurghada has a subtropical-wasteland weather, with mild-heat winters and warm to particularly warm summers. Temperatures withinside the length December–January–February are heat, however withinside the evenings temperature can also additionally drop from a median 20 Celsius levels to 10.  November, March and April are effortlessly heat. May and October are warm and the length from June to September may be very warm. The common annual temperature of the ocean is starting from in February and March to in August.

The maximum temperature recorded passed off on June 12, 2013 and changed into whilst the bottom report temperature changed into recorded on February 2, 1993 and changed into.

Climate Charts suggests exceptional averages and cooler day temperatures in summer.

Resorts close to Hurghada

Sahl haschisch

Sahl haschisch may be a freshly developed resort placed south of Hurghada on the Red Sea.

Sahl haschisch may be a freshly developed resort placed south of Hurghada on the Red Sea

El Qoseir

El Qoseir is one among the Egyptian gateways, and one of the oldest cities on the western coast of the Red Sea. within the past it had been known  by numerous names, adore Thagho in the pharonic amount, Leucos Limen in the principle and Ptolemaic period, and Portus Albus in the Roman period. within the Moslem period it was given the name El Qoseir, which implies “a tiny palace or fortress”.

placed between Hurghada and Marsa Alam, El Qoseir wont to be a vital port. many of us traveled from there to the Land of Punt to shop for ivory, animal skin and incense. throughout the Ottoman additionally the} Moslem periods, Egyptians and Muslims from geographic area traveled from El Qoseir as pilgrims to Mecca. it had been also the sole port mercantilism low from Yemen. throughout the French occupation of Egypt, El Qoseir was the arrival purpose for Arabs and Muslims from geographical region returning to fight beside the Mamluk against the French army. the foremost important sites in El Qoseir are the fort and the water reservoir. The water reservoir was El Qoseir’ solely supply of water a hundred years ago.

El Qoseir El Adima, the city’ historic area, was once a Roman port associate degreed many jar and previous pottery artefacts are found there. There are many 300-year-old buildings within the area, together with an Ottoman fort and variety of historic mosques: El Farran, El Qenawi and El Senousi. The police office is additionally placed at a historic site. the realm contains bazaars, cafes, low retailers and restaurants commerce ocean food.

Makadi Bay

A holidaymaker resort located 30 kilometer south of Hurghada dedicated solely to buildings, shops, and clubs. There aren’t any settlements with locals. The place options smart sandy beach.

Sharm El Naga

A village, around forty km south of Hurghada. Its beach contains a good looking reef cliff.

Soma Bay

Soma Bay A holidaymaker resort set forty five km south of Hurghada, with numerous hotels together with Palm Royale Soma Bay, La Residence des Cascades, Robinson Club, article of furniture & Caribbean World Resort Soma Bay.

El Gouna

A in camera in hand luxury hotel town, concerning twenty five km north of Hurghada. Quiet and clean, the city consists of many islands separated by channels and connected by bridges. Besides fourteen hotels and three marinas, there are 2200 non-public villas and apartments, whereas more are below construction. it’s promoted by some as Egypt’ Venice. it’s designed on ten kilometer of solid ground and has distinctive and numerous architecture.

El Gouna provides diving and watersports centers, horse stables, go-karting, looking arcades, bazaars, a good choice of restaurants and bars, night clubs, an online cafe, four bank branches, several ATM machines, 2 pharmacies, the El Gouna international school, El Gouna national school, a nursery, a personal hospital, 3 marinas, a library, associate degree airport, one among many casinos on the Red Sea coast, a private radio station, a post office, a museum, property offices and an 18-hole course designed by sequence Bates with a singular blueness driving range.

El Mahmya

A holidaymaker solid ground camp on the protected Giftun island, forty five minutes by boat from Hurghada.


International colleges include:

German faculty Hurghada

Russian faculty Hurghada

French faculty of Hurghada

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