This Is the Secret of Sales

This Is the Secret of Sales

Imagine if there was a secret to successful selling.

Imagine if there was one concept, one rule you could learn and follow, and if you learned and applied this rule, then you would successfully be able to sell any product or service you chose to.

And not only would you be able to sell these products or services, but-if you learned and applied this secret-you would sell more than anyone in your company or in your industry.

In addition, you would also be able to sell more with less stress, less rejection, and sales would actually become, dare I say it?-easy.

As you know, selling and easy rather occur in the same sentence, but by learning and applying this secret, they will.

And here is the secret:

Sales is nothing more than a set of recurring selling situations that you encounter over and over again.

You get the same brush offs when prospecting, the same objections when closing, the same ghosting when following up.

Let me prove it to you: regardless of your product, service, or industry, do any of these selling situations sound familiar?

When prospecting, has a decision maker or influencer or office manager ever told you:

• “Just email me some information.”
• “We’re happy with who we’re using.”
• “We aren’t interested.”
• “I’ll have to check with my boss.”

And when closing a sale or presenting your product or service, how many times do you run into:

• “That’s a bit more than we want to spend.”
• “It’s just not the right time for us.”
• “Let me think about it and get back to you.”
• “I’m going to need to talk to the committee/boss/my partner, etc.”
• “Can you email me more information?”

Now, I’ve never met many of you reading this right now, and I don’t know what you’re selling, but I’ll bet these cover 80% of the objections you get, right?

And that’s because selling is a set of recurring situations that contain the same objections, stalls, and you get them over and over again.

And therein lies the secret to successful selling:

Learn exactly what to say-in advance-of getting these recurring objections.

Now this may sound like a “duh!” moment but let me share another secret with you: 90% of sales reps don’t do this. Instead, they ad-lib, make things up, and use poor responses over and over again.

Poor responses that don’t work!

The answer?

Script out-in advance-two or three “best practice” responses to the recurring selling situations you get into all the time.

Practice, drill, rehearse these responses until they become your automatic way of responding.

Doing this will change your sales results, your day-to-day experience in selling, and ultimately your career and your life.

Your choice really comes down to: Struggle and underperform, or sell easily, confidently, and make more money than 90% of your competition.

So start learning and practicing the secret to successful selling.

Mike Brooks, “Mr. Inside Sales,” is the recognized authority on inside sales. Mike’s company has been voted the “Service Provider of the Year Award for Training and Development” in 2020 by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. Mike is the go-to inside sales trainer and phone script writer in the industry. Mike is author of several bestselling books on inside sales, including his new book: Power Phone Scripts: 500 Questions, Phrases, and Word-for-Word Scripts to Open and Close More Sales. Mike offers a proven online training program that immediately helps reps overcome call reluctance and close more sales. See his upcoming training schedule here:

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